USA SAMBO, Inc. Newsletter

USA SAMBO, Inc. Newsletter


2011 –spring/summer/fall/winter
2012 – spring/summer/fall/winter

Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays to you and your families. May the New Year be healthy and prosperous.

With great pleasure we are reporting that USA Sambo continues to grow in numbers and in geographical locations. It is such a great joy to have so many old friends joining our Organization.

2011 Recollection

At this time we would like to express our thanks and deepest appreciation for great efforts and very important contributions to the sport of Sambo made by many members and clubs nationwide.
Very special KUDOS to our USA Sambo National Veterans and Seniors Team Members:

Dr. S. North, B. Talis, J. Mirovich, D. DeRose, K. Williams and J. Faulkner  – participants in the Veterans / Masters Sambo World Championship, October 24 -26, 2011 in the city of Kallikratia – Chalkidiki, Greece.

Special thanks to our Head Coach Mr. Dayn DeRose and the Head of our Delegation Mr. Boris Talis for assisting USA National Veterans Team in Greece. As a results, we were able to see substantial progress by winning 3(three) medals. S. North – 1st place (gold), 
J. Mirovich – 3rd place (bronze),  B. Talis – 1st place (gold), K. Williams – 5th place and
J. Faulkner – 4th place.

Thanks to M. Kozitskiy, who have helped our National Sambo teams during 2011 Veterans and Seniors Sambo World Championships in Greece and Lithuania, by contributing his time, money and energy to help with organizing Senior National Team, as well as, ordering and delivering Sambo uniform.

Kudos to our National Seniors Sambo Team members: C. Moran, C. Chandler, N. Cutro-Kelly, J. Brady, E Vasquez; Coaches: J. Hrbek, R. Hill, J. Hill. They represented the United States in the most honorable manner. We would like to thank them for their selfless contribution, loyalty and dedication to the sport of Sambo. 

For the first time the 2011 National Sambo Championships were held in Philadelphia, PA.  We would like to thank those who were able to attend and participate. You certainly made a remarkable contribution to the sport of Sambo.

Special kudos to Mr. M. Kozitskiy for his great generosity in offering his facilities and his precious time, in organizing the 2011 USA Sambo, Inc Nationals in Southampton, PA.

We also would like to express our appreciation to many new members who expressed their willingness to help us, and to make the sport of Sambo flourish and thrive in this new millennium.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. M. Jidelev and Mr. G. Shubitidze who were very instrumental to represent USA, as a only two referee with international referee rank at latest two World events.

We are honored to let you know that “Net Coast” company did provide USA Sambo monetary donation.  We would like express our appreciation to “Net Coast” for their generous gift.


Recollection of 2012

As the year of 2012 coming to the end, we would like to express our sincere congratulation to our Sambo National Team members for their honorable performance at Pan-Am Sambo Championships, which took place in the city of Cali, Columbia.
The members of our delegation as follows:
Asim Zaidi, Eduard Kalika, Doug Fournet, Scott Garcia, James Fritz, Nikolay Kozitskiy, Allen Astriamts, and Leavoy Marshall. Our Coaching staff – Hills brothers.
It is for the first time ever, every team member came home with medals. Congratulations to all and each of you guys. That was Great work and great results to achieve – third place over all, with only two teams ahead of us: Venezuela – first place and Columbia – second.
And there is more good news for USA Sambo: a silver medal by our member Nina Cutro-Kelly at Harlampiev Cup in the city of Moscow, Russia.
Kudos to all of you from all of us.

2013 USA Sambo Inc., Tournament/Championships

The plans to organize a series of local Sambo events in different parts of the USA, such as, clubs championships, seminars, workshops, etc, are underway.
Please be advised that USA Sambo is willing to help any club, by providing appropriate guidance and other forms of necessary advisement – from organizational to practical – to run any type of Sambo events.

Special Welcome to current and potentially new 2012 Clubs and Individual Members              

Call for an Individual and Club Memberships

We would like to send a special welcome to all new 2012, individual and club members.

We also would like to remind all of you that it is a good time to arrange payment of your 2013 membership: check or money order payable to USA Sambo, Inc.

From now on every event, sanctioned or organized by USA Sambo must include the following provision: every participant must be USA Sambo member in good standing, which means that his/her membership has to be paid for current year of 2013.
We would like to clarify information regarding membership fee. 

  • Club membership  – $100.00
  • Individual membership  – $50.00
  • The current fees were based on the fact that our organization must be financially independent, and able to sustain necessary expenses.  

We would like to assure all of you, that all the income will be accounted for, and will be reflected in the Treasurer’s Financial Reports.  It will only be used for expenses that can benefit USA Sambo, Inc., and its members. 

Looking For Sambo Items?

If you are interested in purchasing Sambo jackets or shoes, Sambo literature, USA Sambo pins and patches, please contact Dr. Leonid Polyakov at (732) 533-5082 or E-mail: or Mr. Mikhail Kozitskiy at (267)939-3072 or, or see information on our new USA Sambo Website, where everyone can have access to our Sambo uniforms supplier.

2012 USA Sambo Local Events

Any club or clubs who willing to organize any Sambo events under umbrella/sponsorship of USA Sambo Inc., should inform us ASAP and we will include your event into our nationwide schedule.

2013 Sambo International Events

 Open International Tournaments
Please go to FIAS Website “” – official FIAS Website for information/calendar on many Sambo events around the globe.                                                        

If you have any desire or interest to participate in any of the above-mentioned tournaments, or other events, by organizing your own tournaments, please let us know as soon as possible, so we will try to help you to arrange attendance and participation.


USA Sambo Inc., Executive Board
J. Binns – President
L. Polyakov – Executive Vice President and FEPAS Secretary General
M. Kozitskiy – Special Assistant to the President, Head of Technical/Tactical Committee of USA Sambo and FEPAS
D. DeRose – Secretary General
J. Hrbek – Head Coach – Sport Sambo
R. Hill – Head Coach – Combat Sambo
B. Talis – Head of Veterans Committee and Public Relations     

You can also start sending us any information about your upcoming local Sambo events, in order for them to be included in the 2013 Spring/Summer Edition of USA Sambo Newsletter.  Please submit them in writing to one of the following:

Dr. Leonid Polyakov               Mr. Mikhail Kozitskiy                               
Phone # (732)533-5082-h           Phone # (267) 939-3072-c                                          

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