Message from the USA Sambo Inc. President

As the President of the USA Sambo, it is my pleasure and honor to present to you our organization – USA Sambo.

Sambo is a unique contact sport, with a rich history. It is my sincere hope that sambo will bring to the present and future generations both its efficiency as a method of self-defense, and its educational potential, in the overall discipline and development of the individual. For these reasons, combat and sport sambo also have great application in law enforcement settings, as well.

Although the roots of sambo can be traced into antiquity, the official origin of the sport is dated to the early 20th century, under the direction of Viktor Spiridonov and Vasili Oshchepkov. Later, further development was brought about by Anatoly Kharlampiev, who is credited with founding the sport sambo ruleset.

Although its main influences are judo, Japanese jiu-jitsu, and Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo is an amalgam of the indigenous wrestling styles practiced in the former Soviet Republics, as well. Examples include bokh (Mongol), chidaoba (Georgian), kurash (Tatar and Uzbek), and gulesh (Azerbaijani). Currently, more than 85 countries officially participate in the sport, so it remains a true representation of the best that martial arts have to offer.

Whether you are an avid sambo fan or competitor, or simply have an interest in furthering your education on the sport, USA Sambo is striving to exhaustively fulfill the role of advocate, educator, and promoter for sambo in the United States. It is our great hope that USA Sambo will become a valuable asset for those that wish to develop the sport here in the West, and, in time, also provide the most comprehensive resource on rules/regulations, history, and training opportunities in the United States.

Although we are currently the official governing body for sambo in the United States, it is our goal to work closely with the other sambo organizations in the United States, as well, including the American Sambo Association and SomboJoe, who have done much to develop sambo on a grassroots level for many, many years. It is only through a working, cooperative relationship that we can expect to build sambo to the degree that it exists outside the United States, and ultimately have the sport realize its maximum potential.


James J. Binns, Esq.
USA Sambo President