FIAS referees clinic in Agros, Cyprus

This past weekend, two representatives of USA Sambo, Inc., traveled to the small mountain village of Agros in Cyprus to participate in a 2-day referees seminar. Delegates from Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Cameroon, Spain, and a host of other countries participated as well, making this event an astounding success.

Former Pan-Am sambo champ and veteran coach Dayn De Rose of New Jersey was in attendance, as well as Richard Crenwelge of Monolith Grappling Arts in Austin, TX. With the help of an excellent interpreter, both men absorbed a wealth of information on the secretarial and officiating duties for both sport and combat sambo, and walked away with a true sense of accomplishment.

After taking their exams on the evening of the last day, both were also certified as national referees under the auspices of FIAS, the first step in their pursuit of international certification. More importantly, though, they discovered that they shared many, many similar ideas on combat sports and their importance, as well as strengthening their own love for sambo itself.


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