For immediate release, 4 October 2016


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On September 24th, 2016 Edinburgh saw the 3rd Presidents Cup in the Meadowbank Sports Center, organised by Commonwealth Sambo Federation and hosted by Scottish Sambo Federation in partnership with the British and International Sambo Federations.

Chairman of the Organising Committee HRH Princess Katarina

said: « It was the first time that the sambo tournament of such scale was staged in Scotland and it proved to be a success».

Organisers did a great job and the whole event was a great display of the sport of sambo. National and local media, which was present at the tournament, admitted the high competitive standard of participants and the warm athmosphere and spirit of friendship alonside the sporting rivalry.

Six top European sambo teams of seven athletes each clashed for the main trophy of the Presidents Cup, which was taken by Team Russia as they defeated Team Holland 6 :1 in the final. Team France and Team Italy took bronzes. Scotland and Spain finished 5th. In addition to the teams event, the 16 best fighters representing 12 countries competed in the Combat Sambo Grand Slam.

Sir Angus Grossart, the well-known Scottish philanthropist and entrepreneur, highlighted that sambo is noticeably non-agressive despite being the combat sport, which helps a balanced physical and mental development of the people and is also fully in tune with it’s motto « sambo is the sport bringing people together »

The scottish sports legend Maurice Allan, OBE, 1976 World Champion in three styles of wrestling to include sambo, appeared in the new role of a commentator as he talked through the bouts of the matches, explaining the sambo rules and scores to the audience.