Results from RISE and Austin Invitational

The RISE Philadelphia Open was a fantastic tournament. There were some great competitors and great matches. Results can be found here:

RISE Philadelphia Open Results

Then on April 11th, Monolith Grappling Arts in Austin, TX, held their 2nd annual Austin Sport Sambo Invitational, under the auspices of USA Sambo, Inc. Results are as follows:

Lightweight – 74kg
1st – Kyle Baker – Kokoro Judo
2nd – Natchet Taylor – Monolith
3rd – Alex Aguilar – Monolith

Middleweight – 90kg
1st – Jake Nickel – Universal Judo
2nd – Eric Skiff – Universal Judo
3rd – Alex Doodson – Universal Judo

Heavyweight – 100+kg
1st – Ruben O’Neal Serna – Moya Wrestling
2nd – Nicholas Jesse – Universal Judo
3rd – Chris Amick – Universal Judo